Celltone Hair Care now brings you an advanced Hair Treatment made specifically for ethnic hair. This revolutionary hair treatment is suitable of all hair types. Whether your hair is natural, locked, relaxed or transitioning Celltone Advanced Hair Treatment is ideal for you.

Celltone Advanced Hair Treatment is a new generation hair treatment made from a unique combination of naturally derived ingredients, including our special blend of black seed oil – Kalonji.

Kalonji, Which is derived from the Nigella Sativa plant, has been proven to not only

soften and make hair more manageable but penetrates deep into the hair follicle encouraging hair growth and assisting with reversing hair loss.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties which is particularly important in hair loss treatments as many hair conditions which result in hair loss are as a result of inflammation due to disease, bacteria or fungus.

It assists with scalp conditions by relieving scalp with dryness, reducing flaking, and itching.

During in-house testing, Celltone Advances Hair Treatment delivered outstanding results with most testers showing a moderate to outstanding improvement in hairline, hair condition as well as the general manageability of the hair.

Castor oil
Known to increases hair growth.
Shea butter
Known to improve and nourish hair follicles and scalp.
Known for increase hair growth.

Coconut oil
Known to stimulate hair growth.
Known to protect and nourish.
Known to limit hair breakage and split ends.

Argan oil
Known to improve the strength and moisture of the hair.
Known to improves hair elasticity and reduces hair loss.

Avocado oil
Known to moisturise, nourish and
strengthen hair roots.

Jojoba oil
Known to Help maintain a healthy scalp.
Known to unblock pores for healthy strong hair growth.

Guarana & Caffeine
Known to increases blood circulation.

Hairline & Volume

My daughter’s scalp and hairline were badly damaged. We had previously tried other products for over 8 months and nothing worked, until I used Celltone Advanced Hair Treatment. After 8 weeks the results were unbelievable – not only has her hairline grown back but her hair is thicker, fuller, softer and has
more colour.

Hair Growth

As I grew older I started losing hair and I developed a bald patch on the top of my head. After using Celltone Advanced Hair Treatment for just 2 months, I couldn’t believe how my hair has started to grow – I am so happy with the results.
N Mazibuko

Hair Growth

After using Celltone Advanced Hair Treatment for a month, I started to notice hair growth. I will use it for life!

Take a small amount of Celltone Advanced Hair Treatment and place in the palm of your hand.

Gently rub hands together warming the product until it turns into oil newzpharmacy.com.

Gently massage onto hairline and areas of concern where hair loss is most obvious.

Apply daily for best results or base the scalp 2 – 3 times a week.

1. Natural Hair

Using fingertips rub onto scalp, gradually work through the entire length of the hair.

2. Braids

Using finger tips apply along and between the tracks.

3. Before Relaxing Hair

Apply along outline of natural hairline to protect scalp and skin while relaxer is being applied.

4. After Relaxing Hair

Using finger tips apply to the scalp to relieve irritation and to moisturise and nourish the scalp.

5. Weaves & Wigs

Using finger tips gently apply along the natural hairline.

6. Chiskop

Apply over entire head after shaving.


Due to the naturally derived ingredients used, it is advised to store Celltone Advanced Hair Treatment in a cool environment below 40°C. In extreme heat product may become soft to touch. In extreme cold it may become solid. To obtain a manageable consistency product may be cooled in a refrigerator or warmed in a bowl of warm water.