All mixed up about masks!

All mixed up about masks!

Masks have become increasingly popular over the past number of years with many people wanting to bring the spa experience into their own home.  However due to the variety of options available from sheet masks to clay masks and charcoal masks, it can be difficult to decide which is best for your needs.

Knowing your skin type as well as taking other details into account like the weather, and ingredients are important in helping you make the right choice.

First, identify your skin type – not all face masks are created equally because no two complexions are exactly alike. Before you can start experimenting with masks, you have to know what your skin type is, otherwise you risk irritation, breakouts and dry spells.

Knowing the ingredients that irritate your skin such as parabens, silicones, phthalates, microbeads, fragrances, perfumes, or alcohols is also very important.

Familiarise yourself with ingredients that are beneficial to your skin type: for example, oily skin types need good cleansing ingredients such as charcoal, kaolin clay, jojoba oil or cucumber extract are gentle exfoliants, whilst pore-clogging products such as jojoba wax or lactic acid should be avoided.

Soothing ingredients such as aloe juice, oatmeal extract, or zinc are beneficial for sensitive skin whilst hydrating ingredients such as Glycerin camellia seed oil, aloe juice, and hyaluronic acid are best for dry skin.

Understanding what different masks do will also help narrow down you’re your choice: clay masks are a great option for oily and acne-prone skin especially because the clay works to absorb excess sebum while also nourishing the skin with antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Peel-off masks are also better for oilier, acne-prone skin and cream masks, are ideal for dry skin, particularly in the winter months, as they’re rich in humectant and emollient ingredients that lock in the hydration and moisturise the skin.

You may also consider changing your mask based on the season. In autumn and winter your skin tends to be drier, so try masks with nourishing herbs such as marshmallow root, liquorice root, and honey. In the hot and humid summer months you may need more oil reduction – look out for masks with exfoliating and anti-aging ingredients.

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