Ask your physiotherapist for Celltone Tissue Oil

Ask your physiotherapist for Celltone Tissue Oil

Celltone has started working with physiotherapist to educate and provide them with Celltone Tissue Oil due to its outstanding scar healing properties.


Whether due to surgery or an accident, physiotherapists are exposed to various degrees of scarring and skin trauma.  This is the ideal time for them to recommend and encourage patients to use a product that can help reduce the appearance of scar tissue.


Celltone has therefore embarked on a programme to collaborate with physios to reach post-operative patients in order to help them address scarring early.


Celltone Tissue Oil contains a premium blend of 7 essential oils and snail gel extract and is proven to reduce the width and appearance of scars within two weeks of use with further results visible after 6 weeks of continued use.


It is recommended that you start applying Tissue Oil as soon as the scar is healed in order to maximise results.  Do not apply to open wounds.


Remember to ask your physio for Celltone Tissue Oil.




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