Caring For Sensitive and Vulnerable Skin

Caring For Sensitive and Vulnerable Skin

When caring for any kind of dry skin condition it is always good to start by deciding what is causing the condition.  Is it an acute atopic condition as a result of an external irritant or is it a chronic dermatological condition linked to other allergic conditions?

If it is a result of an external irritant, for example, a change in washing powder or using a different soap, then quite often the condition is relieved by eliminating that particular irritant and caring for the skin in the short term by applying a nourishing moisturiser to relieve the dry skin.

If, however, it is a chronic condition there are various ways in which one needs to manage the skin in order to relieve discomfort.  This includes using products that are free of fragrances, preservatives and colourants as these are all likely to aggravate dry, damaged skin.

Keep the skin clean by cleansing with a gentle cleanser or soap and follow with medicated topical cream (where necessary) and a rich moisturiser.  If the skin can tolerate it use a sunscreen to prevent further damage and to protect vulnerable skin.

Moisturiser plays a vital role in treating eczema-prone skin care particularly between eczema episodes.  A good moisturiser can stave off dry skin and help protect skin’s top layer against the elements. Always apply moisturiser right after cleansing to help seal in moisture and reapply moisturiser up to four times a day as needed.

Celltone has recently launched Epicell,  which is specifically aimed at vulnerable, fragile and very dry skin.  It is a scientifically formulated moisturiser and has been dermatologically tested to be gentle and non-irritating on even the most fragile, delicate and vulnerable skin. Epicell absorbs quickly and leaves no-greasy after-feel.  It is fragrance and paraben-free.

It is also available in a variant for babies and kids and can be used as a safe alternative for soap.

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