Celltone Tissue Oil a Lady’s Best Friend

Celltone Tissue Oil a Lady’s Best Friend

You will find that as you grow and as life happens your skin has to put up with a lot. It has to deal with dry weather conditions in the winter, sun rays in the summer, stretching during pregnancy and much of what life throws at it. It’s good to know that Celltone can help you to get through life’s skin challenges.

Celltone’s Tissue Oil is clinically tested to offer 5 times more hydration because it is the only tissue oil that contains 7 essential oils and snail gel.

It helps to lock in moisture especially during the cold and dry days that we are experiencing currently.
When summer comes, it is ideal to apply the tissue oil after time in the sun, given its after sun properties.
For pregnant women, it may help to prevent stretch marks due to improved elasticity.
In addition, it is also suitable for anyone who spends long periods in the sun, teenagers and people with ageing skin.
Celltone Tissue Oil really is a lady’s best friend because it assists with keeping your skin hydrated and looking good throughout the year.

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