Celltone Tissue Oil is the Perfect After Shower Treat

Celltone Tissue Oil is the Perfect After Shower Treat

Say tissue oil and most people think of using it for scars and stretch marks but did you know that Celltone Tissue Oil is a really fabulous after shower nourishing treat.


Whilst a hot shower or bath is a wonderful way of restoring the body and the soul – hot water often leaves skin dry and dehydrated.  It is therefore important to moisturise afterwards but have you noticed how many creams only offer immediate moisturisation.


Celltone Tissue Oil is packed with hydrating and nourishing ingredients that absorb quickly and easily right into the skin ensuring long term hydration.  In fact in clinical studies Celltone Tissue Oil was shown to offer up to 5 x more hydration for up to 24 hours.  This is why it is the perfect choice for ageing skin and especially skin that has been exposed to harsh environmental factors.


Simply apply Celltone Tissue liberally over the body paying special attention to areas that are driest – your skin will be left with a healthy youthful HYDRATED glow.


No more thirsty skin with Celltone Tissue Oil.


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