Celltone’s Stretch Mark Solution

Celltone’s Stretch Mark Solution

Stretch marks are an unfortunate part of life and whether you got it through a growth spurt as a teenager, due to pregnancy or due to weight fluctuations, Celltone Tissue Oil and Celltone Gel may assist in your fight against these unwelcome little lines.

Let’s be completely honest:  Stretch Marks can never really go away, BUT it can lighten and fade over time with continued use of products that are specifically formulated to assist in thereduction of the width and depth of the stretch marks, such as Celltone Gel and Celltone Tissue Oil.

Celltone Gel is cinically proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks after 8 weeks of continued use.

Celltone Tissue Oil is clinically proven to reduce the depth of the stretch marks after 14 days and it lightens the appearance of stretch marks after 6 weeks of continued use.  Furthermore, the Tissue Oil provides 5 x more hydration which helps to keep the skin supple and assist in preventing the formation of new stretch marks. The more hydrated your skin, the more elastic it is and the more elastic it is, the less chance you have of new stretch marks forming.

TISSUE OIL – Use twice daily as an after shower moisturiser to keep the skin hydrated.
Apply to the stretch marks and massage it in. It is non-sticky and non-greasy and absorbs easily.

GEL – apply the Gel to the stretch marks and massage it in twice daily.

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