Doing your best for Baby’s Skin

Doing your best for Baby’s Skin

There are few things more exciting, touching or memorable than holding your new-born baby in your arms and whilst your baby’s skin is very fragile it is a lot more resilient than you may think.  With a baby’s skin less is more – in terms of ingredients that is.  Always check labels and choose products with the fewest ingredients and no parabens, formaldehydes or fragrances as fragrances can be irritating.

Here are some tips for what to look for and use when it comes to keeping your baby’s skin in tip-top condition:

Cleanser: Soap-free liquids are a good choice. For a cleanser to work it does not have to make a rich lather.

Shampoo: Tearless is best.

Nappy cream: Use petroleum jelly or a cream that contains zinc.

Wipes: Go alcohol-free or skip them altogether. Wipes can sometimes irritate a baby’s skin. If you can rather use water and a washcloth.

Moisturiser: A moisturiser may not be necessary for babies with normal skin, though most experts still recommend using it every day. Opt for one without fragrances or dyes.  If your baby’s skin is really dry, moisturise twice a day.

Block the Sun: Early exposure to the sun’s UV rays puts kids at risk of skin cancer later in life, especially infants, whose sensitive skin has less of the pigment that protects it from the sun.  For first 6 months, try to avoid any time in the sun. For babies of all ages, aim to stay inside between 10 am and 3pm, when the sun is strongest.

When you do head outside try and avoid direct sunlight by keeping baby inside a pram or covered with an umbrella. Dress baby in long sleeves and pants with tight weaves to protect the skin as much as possible and start as early as possible to use a sun hat with a wide brim that covers both the face and neck.

If you can’t avoid the sun, apply sunscreen that has been specially formulated for a baby’s skin.  Do not use products with chemical sunscreens rather opt for those that use physical sunscreens such as zinc oxide. 

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