Have you tried Celltone’s new Body Lotions?

Have you tried Celltone’s new Body Lotions?

So, while we at Celltone love our Tissue Oil, we know that some of you love what it does and what is in it but are not comfortable using oil on your skin.  With this in mind, Celltone has created a range of body lotions, all of which have a touch of Tissue Oil in them.

Body Lotions are a popular choice for skin types which require less hydration, they have a lighter consistency that spreads easily and helps replenish the skin’s natural lipid layer — the surface layer of fatty acids that protects the skin from irritation and water loss. Lotions often feel lighter and thinner because they have less oil-based ingredients.

While ingredients are important, when and how you apply body lotions will also make a difference in how much benefit there is for the skin. One also needs to change their skin care routine based on the season and conditions, for example, dry air can make fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable.  It can also make the skin itch, flake and crack.

During drier, colder months limit your exposure to heaters which further rob your skin of moisture.  Rather keep warm by wearing extra layers of clothing and using hot water bottles.

Add moisture from the inside by drinking water and although it is tempting to tuck into mug after mug of coffee and hot chocolate, these can also have a dehydrating effect.

Apply a body lotion all over the body not forgetting elbows, knees and even heels.  Always moisturise immediately after showering or bathing.  Moisturisers are designed to trap existing moisture in your skin.

Choose your choice of body lotion carefully – ingredients are key.  Celltone’s Body Lotions contain all the best ingredients in the right quantities to assist the skin with retaining vital moisture – with the added benefit of Tissue Oil.

Celltone Body Lotions are available in original, refreshing and hardworking Camphor and nourishing Cocoa Butter.  Choose your favourite and make sure your skin gets through winter looking and feeling its best.


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