How Does a Toner Benefit Your Skin?

How Does a Toner Benefit Your Skin?

Looking and feeling beautiful is something that we all strive for.

When you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder but it is also in your mind. Celltone believes that all women are beautiful and we enhance that beauty with our Celltone Face Care beauty range.

Using Celltone Toner is one of the steps in our face care range.

It is an important step because the alcohol-free toner neutralises the pH balance of your skin.

When you use Celltone Toner, you gently remove any traces of makeup and cleanser that you had used. It soothes irritated skin and contains an antibacterial active call Triclosan.

Every day after you have used Celltone Cleanser, apply a small amount of toner onto your face and neck area with a cotton pad.

Your skin will feel clean and be pH balanced.

You are beautiful.


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