If stretch marks are a problem for you

If stretch marks are a problem for you

Many women think that stretch marks are a fact of life that they have to live with. This is not true. If you have stretch marks due to a pregnancy, weight fluctuations or genetics, you can do something about them. Whether they are on your thighs, arms, stomach or breasts, they don’t have to be there forever.


That’s right. You don’t have to be embarrassed by them anymore.
You CAN reduce the appearance of your stretch marks.

How is it possible to reduce the appearance of stretch marks?

• Celltone Snail Gel contains Snail Gel, Vitamin E and Grape Seed Oil which are known to contain
Omega 3 and 6 and acts as a natural antioxidant providing moisture, hydration and fight free radicals.
• Celltone helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks after 8 weeks of continued use.

Celltone believes that all women are beautiful and that is something that should be celebrated. Helping women to look good on the outside will improve their selfworth and help them to feel better on the inside. Reducing the appearance of stretch marks gives women the confidence they’ve always had deep inside themselves. That is what Celltone strives for.

Celltone, You Are Beautiful