More than Moisture

More than Moisture

The skin naturally produces its own moisturiser in the form of sebum which comes from tiny sebaceous glands that are located inside each hair follicle. Sebum works its way up and out of the follicle, collecting dead skin cells and dirt along the way. Once it reaches the surface, it forms a sort of protective barrier that guards us against viruses and bacteria. So, if your skin produces its own oil, why do we need to add more?

Just as there are different types of moisturiser, so too are there types of skin viagra sans ordonnance pas cher. Some people have naturally dry skin, while others have excessively oily skin. Still others have skin that is overly sensitive to allergens and climate, and others have some combination of these different types.

If the skin on your face is too dry, without the assistance of an additional moisturising agent, your skin would start cracking, itching and flaking and become tight and red. Your face would also age before its time, growing coarser.

Those with oily skin have the opposite problem — their skin produces too much oil. The excess oil leads to acne and a greasy appearance, requiring stronger soaps that then strip the oil off your face. Due to this constant stripping of oil, the face cycles through periods of extreme dryness in which it is left unprotected to the elements. The complete absence of moisturiser use wouldn’t diminish acne, and it would lead to premature ageing and irritation.

Sensitive skin easily becomes irritated and red. Dryness can prompt a negative skin reaction, but so can the wrong moisturizer (especially if it contains perfumes). Unchecked dryness would exacerbate problems with sensitive skin, making it harder to maintain a healthy and attractive appearance in addition to causing severe discomfort.

Celltone offers a range of moisturisers which are suitable for all skin types including even oilier, problem skin.  The key is to identify how much moisture your skin requires to ensure that you choose the correct moisturiser.

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