Tissue Oil

Tissue Oil

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Clinically proven to deliver 5 times more hydration.
The onlyTissue Oil to contain 7 essential oils and snail gel.
Celltone – The Premium Tissue Oil mgpharmacie.com.

Hydration is the key building block to great skin

  • It helps to prevent stretchmarks due to improved elasticity
  • It helps to prevent wrinkles and aging skin due to locking in moisture
  • Aids with prevention of skin damage and healing
  • Celltone Tissue Oil is essential in:
    – growing teenagers
    – pregnant moms
    – golfers, cricketers, tennis players and all outdoor sportsmen and women

Anyone who spends long periods in the sun aging skin and anyone who spends long periods in air conditioned enviroments.

***Celltone Tissue clinically tested on African skin

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