Tissue Oil


Clinically Tested – 100% efficacy of 5 x more hydration.

An advanced formula with double the active ingredients to care for and protect your most valued asset, your skin. The only Tissue Oil to contain 7 essential oils and snail gel. Clinically proven to deliver 5 times more hydration. Celltone – the Premium Tissue Oil. Hydration is a key building block to great skin

  • It helps prevent stretch marks due to improved elasticity.
  • Locks in moisture which can assist with skin repair and healing.
  • Celltone Tissue Oil is essential in
    • growing teenagers,
    • pregnant moms,
    • golfers or any sports-players who spend long periods in the sun,
    • ageing skin,
    • anyone who spends time in air-conditioned environments.

 ***Celltone Tissue Oil clinically tested on African skin

Celltone Tissue Oil Clinically Proven to
Stretch Marks
Reduce the appearance of stretch marks after 28 days of continued use. 
Reduces the appearance of scars after 6 weeks of continued use. 
Facial Wrinkles
Great for pregnant mom, babies, children and sports menand women. Recommend for ageing skin.
  •  Paraben Free
  •  After Sun Soother
  •  Non-Greasy, Non-Sticky
  •  After Shower Moisturiser

 Daytime – Apply all over and affected areas – apply sunscreen before exposure to the sun. 

Evening – Apply all over and affected areas. 

Add to bath to enhance hydration. 

Used to rehydrate the skin after long periods of exposure to the sun. 

Used to rehydrate the skin after long periods in air-conditioned environments. 

Apply necessary precautions

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