Skincare through the Ages – Part 1

Skincare through the Ages – Part 1

Over the next few weeks we will be publishing a series of blogs looking at what skincare is suited to what age.  When should you start caring for your skin and what products are the most important for each age PLUS tips for what you should and should not be doing to keep your skin looking beautiful and healthy.

It is never too young to start teaching children the value of good skin care, but obviously it is less of an issue under the age of about 12 years old.

Probably the most important thing to instil in pre-teens and teens is the importance of basics: clean your face everyday and especially after exercise; take make-up off; protect your skin in the sun and the importance and necessity for moisturising.

As the hormone fluctuations of the teen years really kick in, the most common issue is dealing with break outs and problem skin.  It may be necessary for your teen to start using more than just a basic face wash and cream.  Here are the kinds of things they should be including in their regular skin care routine:

Astringents: Astringents work in fighting pimple formation by tightening the skin and closing pores. But be careful not to go choose a product that is too strong as this can do more harm than good.

Facial Wash: Washing and hygiene is a basic skincare need. A gentle yet effective face wash is vital, especially when it comes to oily skin.

Facial Scrub: This is a different kind of facial wash that exfoliates dead skin cells more thoroughly than a cleanser through micro bead particles or similar, and gently yet thoroughly cleans out pores.

Creams: Topical creams with mild moisturisers keep the skin from drying out altogether. The key to youthful skin is moisturizing it.

Tea Tree Oil: This topical agent is known for its skin healing properties – it is used in many skincare products (including Celltone Spot Control).

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