Summer breakouts – no sweat!

Summer breakouts – no sweat!

Winter is behind us and summer is here.  For teenage and problem skin, this is both good news and bad news.  The good news is one does not have to worry as much about dry, chapped skin.  The not so great news means that long days in the sun on the sports fields means one sweats more and this means pores may become clogged and blocked leading to pimples and breakouts.

Exposure to the sun also increases free radical activity which is damaging to the skin.

Although the actual act of sweating does not cause pimples and breakouts, it allows dust and grime to stick to the skin and get stuck in pores which is what ultimately leads to an increase in spots.

The key – whether it be summer or winter – is to keep the skin clean and while the immediate reaction is to reach for harsh products to ‘dry’ the skin out, what is needed is gentle care to keep the skin balanced.

Celltone’s Spot Control Range has been formulated using ingredients that maintain the health of the skin by keeping the barrier and acid mantle intact, while ensuring the pH of the skin is low to prevent unhealthy germ growth.

Key ingredients include ideal concentrations of Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide, Sarcosine and Tea Tree Oil.

Regular use of the range will help control spots and breakouts all summer long so that your skin looks its best.

And of course – do not forget to apply sunscreen daily.

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