The Importance Of Face Wash

The Importance Of Face Wash

Many women and men underestimate the power of washing their face with a proper face wash. This is such an important part of your daily regime that it should not be missed.

Celltone Moisturising Face Wash contains mild ingredients that are especially formulated to cleanse and remove any residue from your skin. It is rich in vitamins E and B5; plus it is infused with snail extract, chamomile, Jasmin and Witchazel extracts. These ingredients moisturise and condition the skin. This combination leaves your skin feeling clean and soft to the touch.

It is recommended to wash your face twice daily with Celltone Moisturising Face Wash to ensure that your skin remains clean and residue-free. Once it forms part of your daily routine along with complete Celltone Face Care range, you’ll be able to feel the difference on your skin.

You can go throughout the day feeling refreshed, knowing that your skin is well looked after.

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