The Importance of Moisturising Your Skin

The Importance of Moisturising Your Skin

There are many people who underestimate the benefits of moisturising the skin. Our bodies consist mostly of water, so why wouldn’t our skin thirst for moisture? Moisturising your skin should be part of your daily routine.

The benefits of moisturising your skin with Celltone Moisturiser:

  • It softens your skin.
  • It is a protective barrier against dehydration, aged and sagging skin.
  • It fights free radical scavengers that cause every day damage to the skin.
  • It is a moisturiser that contains SP15 which protects against UVA and UVB sunscreen filters.

All you need to do is apply a small amount of Celltone Moisturiser after you have cleansed your face, neck and eye area. Apply it onto the skin with your fingertips and you’re ready to face the world. Do not rinse off.

Keep your skin looking young by moisturising it twice daily.

You are beautiful.


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