Top Sun Protection Tips for Every Day of the Year

Top Sun Protection Tips for Every Day of the Year

Aside from applying sunscreen there are also other things that you can do to protect your skin from the sun.  It is not always possible to follow each of these tips but it is a good idea to keep them in mind:

  1. Wear clothes.

Shirts, hats, shorts and pants provide the best protection from UV rays.

  1. Find shade – or make it.

Picnic under a tree, read beneath an umbrella or take a canopy to the beach.

  1. Plan around the sun.

Go outdoors in early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is lower. UV radiation peaks at midday.

  1. Sunglasses aren’t just a fashion accessory.

Good shades protect your eyes from UV radiation that causes cataracts.

Now for sunscreen:

  1. Don’t fall for high SPF labels.

Anything higher than SPF 50+ can tempt you to stay in the sun too long. Even if you don’t burn, your skin may be damaged. Stick to SPFs between 15 and 50+. Pick a product based on your own skin coloration, time outside, shade and cloud cover. Reapply often.

  1. Pick a good sunscreen.

Pick a brand that provides broad spectrum, long-lasting protection with ingredients that pose fewer health concerns when absorbed by the body.

  1. Reapply cream often.

Sunscreen chemicals sometimes degrade in the sun, wash off, or rub off on towels and clothing.

  1. Men need sun protection too.

More men are affected by melanoma than women. Surveys show that a high percentage of men report routine sun avoidance.


Young children and babies are particularly vulnerable in the sun.  Their skin needs extra protection.  It is also a good time to teach them to look after their skin.

A few blistering sunburns in childhood can double a person’s lifetime chances of developing serious forms of skin cancer. Infants under 6 months should be kept out of direct sun as much as possible as their skin is not yet protected by melanin.

Remember that children’s skin can be sensitive to chemical allergens so always do a small patch test to check for any irritation.

Teenagers also need to be reminded that even though a beautiful tan may look good now, the long term damage can be devastating.  Encourage them to be responsible in the sun by being good role models

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