Wash your skin care troubles away

Wash your skin care troubles away

Cleansing is the most basic yet also the most important part of any skin care regimen and this does not just include the skin on your face but your entire body.

Did you know that the skin is constantly renewing itself?  This takes place in the upper layer of skin, known as the epidermis. During skin replacement, the cells in the bottom part of epidermis divide and multiply, while the uppermost cells die and shed from the surface. The cells in bottom layer slowly migrate to upper parts.

This bottom to upper movement takes about 20 days. However, the thickness of epidermis is not same in whole body. In some regions it is about 1,5 mm (palms) and in some regions it is thin as 0,05 mm (eyelids). So, this replacement is quicker in the thinner epidermis regions.

Cleansing helps to remove not just dirt, grime, sweat and make-up. It also ensures that these dead skin cells are removed allowing new ones to come to the surface revealing younger and healthier-looking skin.

There are different types of cleansers for both the face and the body.  Cream cleansers are ideal for more mature, drier skin types while gentle foaming cleansers are great for oilier, younger skins or for those who like the feel of a ‘thorough’ wash.

Celltone has both options in its range – the Celltone Cleansing Lotion or the Celltone Face Wash are both gentle, yet effective cleansers for all skin types.  The Celltone Spot Control Cleansing Gel contains a powerful cocktail of ingredients to help fight spots and breakouts.  It cleanses thoroughly without drying the skin out.

It is also important to cleanse the rest of the body as well whether it be with soap and water or a body wash.  Soaps can sometimes be quite harsh and body washes have become more popular especially with men and those who prefer to shower.

Celltone has recently launched a the new Celltone Body Wash with Tissue Oil.  This body wash which is lightly fragranced and gentle, effectively cares for the skin whilst removing dirt, sweat and dead skin cells.

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For more information on your choice of Celltone Cleanser and the Celltone Body Wash go to www.celltone.co.za.



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