What is the difference between body lotion and butter?

What is the difference between body lotion and butter?

Body Butters are a relative newcomer to the skin care market… so what is the difference between body butter and body lotion?  And which one is best for your skin type?


First let’s look at why we even need body lotions, creams or butters?

Dry skin results when the skin loses its natural moisture due to factors, like harsh weather, cosmetics, poor nutrition, pollution, ageing, and frequent washing. The natural oil or moisture on our skin acts as a protective barrier to prevent dry skin and irritation. To protect the skin and help it retain moisture, we can use different types of skin moisturisers like, body lotion, cream, and body butter.

Body Lotion
A Body lotion is basically a moisturiser, prepared by combining water and oil. It is usually light and non-greasy. Therefore, our skin can readily absorb body lotions. Lotions can effectively moisturise the skin, and they are ideal for all skin types, including even moderately dry skin. They are non-greasy, and so, can effectively moisturise the skin during summers.

Body Butter
If your skin is extremely dry then a body butter may be a good option for you. It is a more intense skin moisturiser and maximises skin hydration. Body Butters often contain natural ingredients like cocoa butter or shea butter, which are beneficial for the skin. They are thick and luxurious and form a protective layer over the skin to prevent the loss of moisture.

Body Lotion vs Body Butter
Body lotion is a light moisturising product, that is readily absorbed. During summer, lotions are the best products for keeping your skin well-moisturised, as they do not make your skin feel greasy and the skin is not generally that dry.  However, those with excessively dry skin may like to try body butter, especially during the harsh winter days. In summers, body butter can feel a bit too greasy, but in winters it is one of the best products to get long-lasting moisture. So, if your skin needs intense moisturising, body butter is the best skin care product you should opt for.

The ultimate choice between the two depends entirely on your skin type and the climatic conditions. Those with normal to moderately dry skin can try body lotion, while those with extremely dry skin can use body butter.


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